JAI web talk - Customized multispectral imaging

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Are you interested in learning more about multispectral and hyperspectral imaging?

JAI will give a talk about multispectral imaging via ChiiOnline’s web site on 27th January at 15:00 CET.

You will learn more about JAI’s approach to customized 3-CMOS multispectral cameras and how a specific split of visible and near-infrared light inside JAI´s Fusion cameras, can reveal new imaging data in your vision applications and pave the way for improving object inspection efficiency.

The 15 min. talk will be given by Paritosh Prayagi, Director Product Management at JAI.

Register free of charge via ChiiOnline’s web site: https://www.chii-online.com/

(ChiiOnline is a global cross-industry network for the hyperspectral imaging industry).

Hyperspectral imaging has been a hot topic in the last years promising a huge potential going well beyond traditional machine vision applications. Many of the hyperspectral camera systems available today are difficult to use in industrial environments.

This is because many of these applications need high speed, high optical resolution, real-time data evaluation and ease of system integration. Even though hyperspectral imaging has advanced over the years, many applications still cannot use this technology.

On top of the technical challenges, the cost has been a driving factor in the customer´s decision-making process. At the end, many of the applications starting with a hyperspectral approach end up requiring a camera having 3 to 6 spectral bands which may include or go well beyond traditional R-G-B.

Traditional R-G-B cameras with or without bayer patterns are based on filter on-chip sensors which makes it difficult to modify the spectral response according to the needs of an application, especially for smaller quantities.

Prism technology offers an advantage where the prism block can be modified to fit the spectral response requirements of an application going well beyond conventional R-G-B, while continuing to use standard off-the-shelf sensors. In this web pitch, you will learn more about JAI´s approach to customizing multispectral cameras using prism technology.