New 5-megapixel UV cameras added to Go Series


JAI has added three new CMOS-based cameras in its Go Series to provide vision system designers with UV imaging capability. The cameras feature the same Lince5M imager as found in the GO-5000 family of products, but with modifications to provide sensitivity in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum.

Modifications include replacing the standard protective glass covering on the sensor with a quartz glass cover that provides protection without blocking UV wavelengths, and a double AR (anti-reflective) coating on the quartz helps to maximize transmission through the cover. 

The small Go Series cameras are targeted at UV-A and UV-B applications (300 nm - 400 nm)  and offer a good alternative to the larger and more expensive sCMOS UV camera options currently in the market. With a resolution of 2560 x 2048 (5.2 megapixels), they offer the highest resolution among current UV cameras.

Choice of interfaces
Three interface options give users a choice of cabling and frame rates to fit their applications. Click the links below to read about individual models, download datasheets, and request price quotes.

GO-5000M-PGE-UV       22 fps   GigE Vision interface
GO-5000M-PMCL-UV   107 fps  Mini Camera Link interface
GO-5000M-USB-UV       62 fps   USB3 Vision interface

All the cameras can be powered over their interfaces. The GigE Vision and USB3 Vision models can also accept power over a 6-pin Hirose I/O connector.

Standard features include 2X or 4X binning, single- and multi-ROI modes, built-in high dynamic range (HDR) functions, and much more.

Typical applications include:

  • UV laser calibration
  • Surface inspection of metals and plastics
  • UV microscopy for life sciences, forensics, materials research, and more.
  • Print inspection of pharmaceutical packaging, passports, bank notes, etc.
  • Dermatology
  • Solar panel inspection

For more information, contact JAI.